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Welcome to CultDB!

CultDB is a factual, non-biased database of cults around the world. Here you can find information about cults operating in both past and present.

What is a cult?

A cult is an organization typified by unusual beliefs and practices, obsession, and a closed sphere of operations not visible to public scrutiny.

On CultDB, we use the definition of a "new religious movement" to qualify a group for inclusion on the site. These groups universally require overwhelming conformity and social identity that divisively separates followers from mainstream society.

Cults can be separated into various subcategories, like doomsday cults (a group of people obsessed with the end times), personality cults (a group of people obsessed with a leader or celebrity), or belief cults (those revolving around a particular doctrine, behavior, or political viewpoint). For the purposes of this website, we do not classify any mainstream religion as a cult, but factions of these religions can qualify.

Featured Articles

Our featured articles are examples of cults we've thoroughly researched. Take a look, and contribute if you want!

Csa.jpg Tony-alamo.jpg Ashtar.jpg Elohim-city.jpg
The Covenant, The Sword, and the Arm of the Lord Tony Alamo Christian Ministries Ashtar Galactic Command Elohim City
A militant survivalist cult focused on fighting against the government during a doomsday event. A religious personality cult built around charismatic preacher and convicted predator Tony Alamo. A UFO cult believing they telepathically communicate with alien beings. A private survivalist community in rural Oklahoma with Christian Identity associations.

Types Of Cults

Cults come in many different shapes and sizes. Learn more about them!

Doomsday Cult UFO Cult Religious Cult
Cults that operate under the assumption that the end of the world is near, and sometimes act to "initiate" the end times. Cults that believe in extraterrestrial life, and normally claim to have established some form of communication with alien societies. Cults that have arisen from mainstream religions and are considered heretical and/or extreme variants of orthodox doctrine.

Getting started

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