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We have a few very strict rules about contributing to the CultDB website.

We're a non-biased, neutral, and objective platform for cataloging information about cults across the world. We're not emotional, hyperbolic, or antagonistic. Every claim must be substantiated with secondary sources, or the claim will risk instant deletion. CultDB is journalistic, not fictional.

We believe the actions of cults speak for themselves. No theories are necessary!


These are strict rules. Violating these rules will result in the inability to contribute to CultDB in the future.

  • Every claim must be substantiated with a secondary source.
  • Respect copyrights. Do not copy/paste material from other websites.
  • Keep personal emotions or vendettas out of the articles.


These aren't rules, but are suggestions in helping keep the website educational, dependable, and helpful to the public.

  • Write clearly and with detail, keeping to a high journalistic standard.
  • If you want to discuss and talk about a cult, use the Discussion tab.
  • Refrain from using rude, obscene, or vulgar language.
  • We suggest using a well-written, complete article (like The Covenant, The Sword, and the Arm of the Lord or similar) and using that page as a template for fleshing out new articles.

Thanks for your contributions to CultDB!